What Is A Bull Trap In Trading And How How To Stay Away

If the current high doesn’t breach the most recent high, it is either in a downtrend or in a range. The key here is the perception of a trend reversal, just enough to lure in the “buy the dip” crowd. When the price begins declining again, these bulls are forced to sell out of their positions, adding more fuel to the fire. I said to myself, “You are in a losing trade and it’s really bad. If you close the trade out here you will get the immediate relief of exiting the position, but remember what happened with Zynga”. So instead of panicking, I looked at the chart to see the next support level down. Whether you are a professional or a new trader, you can practice the following habits to avoid falling into the bull or bear traps. The risks of loss from investing in CFDs can be substantial and the value of your investments may fluctuate. You should consider whether you understand how this product works, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

If this concept is worth respecting, then a trader should never attempt to take buy trades at resistance levels. There are exceptions, though, such as if the price re-tests the zone after breaking it and confirms the start of a fresh trend. That said; a trader can avoid bull traps by steering clear of late entries. If a trend has been running for a period deemed as “too long”, then it is best not to trade it. Another common bull trap pattern is seen when, after breaking past the resistance zone, the price comes back to test it, but fails and crashes. Similarly, they are very useful in identifying and completing the bull trap formation. When an engulfing pattern forms after the classic bull trap pattern has formed, then it is a straightforward indicator that a strong bearish move is about to happen. In this illustration, the ranging behavior at the resistance level as well as the huge bullish candle can be seen. The pattern is very tricky in that it might give “confirmation” of breaking past the resistance level.

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As the stop loss is triggered, more sellers are added to the market. This negative feedback loop generates strong downward momentum on prices, and the market moves very swiftly to the downside. Prices end up reversing lower as sellers overtake buyers, pushing the market down. When the market falls below the old low, the pattern is completed as the trader either stop the trade or is very deep in a floating loss . Bull trap patterns are often referred to as a “dead cat bounce.” They are commonly seen in all markets, especially in crypto markets, due to frequent swift recoveries.

These are known as “bull traps” because traders and investors who bought the breakout are “trapped” in the trade. The false signal will show the asset’s downtrend reversing its direction in expectation that trend will meet or breakout above the resistance level. During its sudden incline trend, investors or traders would often be lured to buy or open long on the asset, anticipating for the breakout. However, the trend reverses what is a bull trap again after a short period of time and exposes that the value of the cryptocurrency/index is continuing to decline. Unfortunately for the bullish traders and investors, they are trapped in the trade and experience losses as a result. When you see the price advancing to the resistance level, you should wait and see what happens when it reaches it; 2. Then, place a stop loss at least 2 pips above the high of this candlestick; 4.

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No such information provided through Bybit constitutes advice or a recommendation that any investment or trading strategy is suitable for any specific person. These forecasts are based on industry trends, circumstances involving clients, and other factors, and they involve risks, variables, and uncertainties. There is no guarantee presented or implied as to the accuracy of specific forecasts, projections, or predictive statements contained herein. Users of this article agree that Bybit does not take responsibility for any of your investment decisions. Are prices breaking resistance trend lines and overhead levels of horizontal resistance? If these resistance levels break, then it is safer to go long. Also, identify the old swing low on the chart, and place a sell stop order should a breakout occur.

what is a bull trap

Therefore, crypto traders may anticipate a bounce and buy tokens too early, leading to large losses and frustration. During a gap-squeeze it looks like the price is gaining momentum on the gap and traders see themselves in profits longer. However, price just as fast gaps into the opposite direction and squeezes the trapped traders. The reversal on a gap trade is usually much faster since the squeeze happens suddenly and much stronger. It is possible to trade in bull traps and one of the most successful methods to do so is after a trend change downwards occurs. Traders can avoid bull traps by keeping their eyes out for confirmations following a breakout. The shift traps investors that bought stock when there was a strong buy signal and can be the leading cause of losses from long positions. But when a lot of traders look at the same indicator, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s why you need to understand multiple indicators and many different facets of the market. These traders, usually institutional traders, who “set” the bull trap do so by buying the currency pair until it fools other traders into thinking its downtrend trend has stopped.

Why do short-term rallies often occur during bear market cycles and what do they look like? We explain the mechanics behind bull traps and give an example from 2008. Your teachings are very easy to understand, your methodology is fantastic and is, all, practical stuff not pure theory. Today’s bull and bear traps excellent and is like a contrarian way of trading. There are probably a dozen or more methods for trading bull traps, but in the spirit of keeping things simple, I have focused on the one thing that matters the most – DON’T PANIC. I would be re-missed if I just left you with a depressing article of how panicking cost me money.

what is a bull trap

All the same, it is riskier to take buy trades at resistance level than buying at support zones. One of the most sung melodies in the world of trading is, “trade with the trend.” There is no better way of doing this by buying at support levels and selling at resistance zones. Experienced traders understand that this is the ultimate test of the continuation of a trend after breaching a major support or resistance zone. However, since most buyers have exhausted their resources, the sellers start pumping in their orders since they dominate strong resistance zones.

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I labeled each piece of evidence, which potentially would have tipped you off that this is a suboptimal long setup. That’s not to say that this stock might not recover, but it’s just not at all the ideal setup. As traders, we must put our capital to the highest and best use regarding both time and returns. This type of volume means giant holders are selling, and enormous positions take days to weeks to exit completely. Any considerable amount of selling would send this stock soaring below its previous lows. Let me tell you that from Friday until the close on Monday was one of the hardest periods for me in my trading career. Even though I just committed myself to the possibility of a loss down to $1.68, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking, well what if the stock goes to 90 cents or zero! I mean we are talking about a biotech stock and we know how these have made and lost millions for a lot of people. As I scanned back through the chart I noticed a swing low at $2.02 and another one at a $1.68. For me, this would have represented a potential loss of ~37% and 48% respectively.

  • Low volume usually occurs during times of low liquidity, meaning that there are probably not enough sellers to absorb the breakout until liquidity picks up again.
  • Those with stop losses have them taken out as the rest are left holding onto losing trades.
  • It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable or that they will not result in losses.
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  • To the inexperienced trader, this means that the market has finally recovered and is in the midst of a reversal, indicating a great time to buy.
  • After they are in a long position, prudent and wise crypto traders will place their risk and a stop loss just below the old low.

Bull and Bear Traps can sometimes fail and evolve into catapults – kind of like a double trap. A Bullish Catapult forms with a Triple Top Breakout, a pullback into the pattern and then a Double Top Breakout. A one-box Triple Top Breakout and a pullback into the pattern qualify as Bull Trap. Chartists should be careful because the Triple Top is a congestion area that represents a support zone. Traders should analyze whether the market is overbought which indicates a bearish reversal from the current bullish trend. The stock never breached its previous high, so it’s still technically range-bound. The timid rally failed firmly within the support zone established in October. One of the most common pitfalls of those who get stuck in bull traps is the lack of confirmation.

First, the stock forged a Triple Top Breakout as the third X-Column exceeded the prior two by one box. Second, this breakout quickly failed as the stock formed a three-box reversal. This O-Column broke below the prior O-Column to forge a Double Bottom Breakdown and fully negate the Triple Top Breakout. A step by step guide to help beginner and profitable traders have a full overview of all the important skills (and what to learn next 😉) to reach profitable trading ASAP. The first one is the technical explanation and the other psychological explanation of why does a bull trap occur. The Charles Schwab Corporation provides a full range of brokerage, banking and financial advisory services through its operating subsidiaries.

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