Fjellhoy said she relented because Hayut promised to back pay her, but funding their jet-set lifestyle had been costing her. Together with cash she was being guaranteed by him was not to arrive.

Fjellhoy said she relented because Hayut promised to back pay her, but funding their jet-set lifestyle had been costing her. Together with cash she was being guaranteed by him was not to arrive.

“My angel My love i recently chatted into the bank plus they explained that the [transfer] of Amex are going to be here on thousand percent,” read one text message Hayut sent her monday.

“the total amount which he should be in a position to just work for a week is simply a great deal,” Fjellhoy stated. “It really is never ever just a couple thousand, for us normal people who will be a lot of income, however for him it is not a pile of cash.”

She stated he informed her he required huge amounts of cash because he’d “a complete group” he needed seriously to book routes and resort hotels for. Fjellhoy said she assumed, as a result of their clothes that are flashy life style, he previously cash and would spend her straight back.

“You did not also think because you were so sure that this guy and the people that you had met was part of the LLD Diamonds and that the money existed,” she said that it was a problem when you were taking up the loans. “as he stated, ‘Everything’s likely to be fine following this week,’ after which it did not. Therefore just ‘one more week’ and then ‘one more week.’ So in the long run you very nearly you did not also recognize exactly how money that is much really [owed].”

And fundamentally, Fjelljoy stated, she was at love with him.

“that is the most difficult element of it … whenever I knew which he was not [who] he said he had been,” she said. “That the individual that asiandate desktop we thought that we knew and liked, he’d simply done [something] within the many wicked way.”

As soon as she knew that the person she adored had taken the cash and run was “such a surprise,” she stated.

“we nearly desired to provide,” she stated. “It ended up being the 1st time during my life that ‘OK your lifetime is ruined,’ every thing came crashing down around me. that I had gotten such a shock that my own body actually ended up being telling me personally”

Fjellhoy alleged that Hayut proceeded to perform the scheme that is same attract other ladies into their orbit until his June arrest.

“I’d to be placed into a medical center. Psychiatric ward. As a result of suicidal ideas like I didn’t see a way out,” she said because I thought my life was over. “You’ve lost the man you’re seeing but he did not just dump you, he never existed, he had been never ever the man you’re dating.”

Fjellhoy filed a study utilizing the Metro Police in London, whom declined “Nightline’s” ask for remark. Israeli authorities also declined to comment because of this report.

Hayut told “Nightline” in might he had been innocent. In a text message, he stated, “there’s nothing here simply [a] loan between buddies that went southfor my entire life they got costly presents and every thing, This means that silver diggers, once I ask assistance they decided to assist plus they understand that i’ve some issues we didn’t run from no body it is all fake news and lies.… she decided to loan me the income after which she disappeared… before we [were]able to cover right back… they utilized me personally”

For the present time, Fjellhoy continues to be in London and it is attempting to reconstruct her life. She told “Nightline” via text that the headlines of Hayut’s arrest ended up being “really amazing” and that she thinks the news attention ended up being a significant factor in resulting in their capture.

Fjellhoy said Hayut surrounded himself with people whom aided perpetuate the misconception, also going as far as to deliver pictures of himself and their bodyguard when you look at the medical center when they had been allegedly “attacked.”

Relating to Fjellhoy, it had been maybe not well before Hayut made a huge ask, begging her to give her credit line to him to ensure any routes, accommodations and dinners could be scheduled under her title and their expected “enemies,” as she said he called them, will be tossed down their path.

“One of this significant reasons why he required it had been security… he required my title as an address, he stated,” Fjellhoy told “Nightline.” “we know it appears crazy. [but] why would he have this giant man he did not need the security? with him if”

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